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The Post Wars

DLC Whore Class Users

This variety of ME gamer loves DLC above all else. As the DLC lack is going on a year now a few feel frustrated and are beginning to lose faith in Bioware's ability to produce good games. For some odd reason most seem to be of the opinion they are correct and saving all other members of the Forum from the complete and total annihilation of Bioware (and it's ability to produce great games) by complaining. In fact in recent days as Post to Post warfare Between supporters of Bioware and DLC Whores continue more and more threads pay the price. It is Common to see the DLC Whores refer to themselves as Reformers and their opposition as Bioware Fanboys. They frequently insult the opposition and normally take the view they are being told to leave when they themselves have normally stated if that if they are not pleased with the present state of affairs in due time they themselves will quite ME forever.

BW Fanboy Class Users

This variety of ME gamer is a very peculiar class. Most claim that they too feel upset by the lack of DLC promises but defend Bioware finding some what logical reasons that they can support with evidence from similar incidents. However most eventualy resort to pure speculation and impromptu rebutals often containing little more than a logical (and sometimes illogical) assault on a DLC Whore. They often feel they are the Forum Police and attempt to make peace or shut the offenders down hard. They have fought ppost to post wars with DLC Whores in the past resulting in the Epic Battle of the DLC thread that raged for nearly a week straight and resulted in the addition of 30 + pages being added to it. The Fighting Broke out after unprofessional Comments made by a Bioware representative whom 20 or so pages later Apologized. after more fighting Broke out or began to break out on page 79 the thread was locked. The Battle Began primarily as a result of Darth_Lopez's attempts to defend the Bioware Representative. somewhere around page 38. Some have told DLC Whores to leave in attempts to save a decent thread others out of spite. It is normally due to their intervention that name calling and thus Post to Post Warfare begins.

Overall Situation

Both sides tend to present valid points most conflict between the two results because of the unwillingness to agree to disagree. in every conflict there has been at least one bleeder who refused to make concessions to the opposition or even recognize their points. More often than not you can normally have a clearly defined view of who is on what side when the fighting begins. However there is the rare happening of completely obscured beliefs normally falling to the the Middle faction which has been given the name The Sane Ones though appearances of this variety are few and far between.

In the event you stumble on the happenings afore mentioned it is recommended you do not participate in the arguing. you may also expect the thread to be shut down in a few more days. If it is a thread you yourself of posted simply re-post a new one of the same variety unless the thread discussion can drown out the Post to Post Warfare.