Kaidan "Carth" Alenko was a talentless freak who was last seen as a pile of ash at Saren's beach resort. however there have been few stories told of him surviving the epic explosion and being seen on rare ocassions this look a like's ID can not be confirmed. Some say his body was possitely Identified after the battle of Virmire. Many stories such as this involve the myth that he was found with approximately 1,599 bullet wounds, 266 stab wounds and was missing 2 limbs and his testicles; which are thought to have been taken by a hungry Krogan who felt the need to attempt to reproduce. Sadly any attempts to do so with Kaiden's balls would be a fail as according to his military records his family had him nuetered at age 15 to prevent his sizable amount of fail from ever becoming epic in the future.