Tali is a quarian (the analogy of an arab in Mass Effect), who is more interested in engines and pipes rather than stoping Saren -alias "Green Goblin"- Arterius.

She's daughter of a Quarian, imagine that. And she's on her pilgrimage, her right to pass into adulthood, impressive aint it?

Genuine ME2 Squad Chatter:

shep: so, tali... have i told you how attractive you are?

tali: you know sex with you would kill me, right?

shep: hey, baby, the sheepdawg is just barkin'. i mean, the way you rock that purple suit...

tali: black.

shep: uh... no, no, it's kind of purple.

tali: what the... oh, keelah. your eyes must see further into the uv range than ours do. it looks black to me!

shep: um, okay. well, no big. anyway, about your hips--

tali: dangit, they warned us about this before pilgrimage! i mean, we can't even see the asari due to their shade of black.

shep: blue. they're... okay, listen--

tali: only our most vile criminals wear purple! it's a symbol of shame they must wear at all times to remind everyone that they kicked puppies or got caught in bed with a geth or something! it's like in your ancient earth story about having to wear a badge or logo to advertise your shame.

shep: the scarlet letter?

tali: no, red dwarf. listen, nobody can find out about this! do you hear me? nobody!

liara: okay, even for the citadel, this is a long elevator.

shep: hey, ladies, let's just not talk for awhile...